I haven’t knelt in years and it was strange how easy the bungee system made it! I felt very secure. It let me put pressure on my knees without pain. It was actually comfortable once we got me situated. It was definitely strange seeing the picture. I still had to use some support in front of me since my hips are contracted and my torso tends to lean forward but I still felt my core working.
                            -Alyssa Schwartzenburg


       It felt strange to not be surrounded by support but also a sense of accomplishment that I didn’t need it! It was a little nerve-wracking trying to keep balance when tilting but it got easier the more I did it. Having so much open space around me let me feel how my body compensated in my posture for the weight shifting. I could feel my leg muscles and core working to keep me balanced.
                                -Alyssa Schwartzenburg


I feel like being able to accomplish this has really really improved my life and my function.  It helps me get in and out of my chair easier and faster.

-Ryan Brice Elwell


Being able to sit independently on

 my own was amazing. 

-Isabella Melara


 Playing in the bungee cage is fun.  I get to do things that I always want to do but am not strong enough to do on my own.  So far, I think I like dancing and playing tadpole tennis with my new best friend.  Sometimes I get nervous and sometimes I have to work hard, but that’s OK.  I like when everyone is so proud of me.   - Isabella Melara